Monday, November 15, 2010


Welcome to Maine:
So, about a month ago, I went up to Maine to see The Girl (a.k.a. Rebecca).

We watched some giant pumpkins in a parade:

Saw some lobster boats:

Saw some leaves change color:Rode bikes/drove around Acadia National Park.

Took some photos on top of mountains.
Kicked some ship.

Carved some pumpkins :

My pumpkin again, with my planning sketch.
Pretty much nailed it, per plans.

Got to experience a Nor-easter.
(Becca's house is a couple hundred ft behind me)

Walked around some tide pools:

I totally found all the crabs, and then she stole the big one for the picture.

We went apple picking at an orchard, but the apples had pretty much fallen, so it was apple pick-up.

And hiked up and down the beach and state park.

Hell, we even went to the LL Bean headquarters.

Maine was pretty rad. Who woulda thunk it!
Good times... Good times!

1 comment:

Bec said...

Umm.. don't think it's stealing when you left your big boy pants at home and I had to be the one to pick that crab up. Just sayin, for the record...